AGLX can help your company achieve unparalleled levels of agility and resilience.

Adaptive Strategy

Adaptive Strategy is a methodology for developing and articulating strategy. It is specifically designed for organizations who face a rapidly changing and uncertain strategic environment. Adaptive strategy will allow you to embrace the complexity of the real world and turn it into a strategic advantage. We deliberately privilege action over analysis and provide the platform for innovation and organizational resilience. Secondary benefits of Adaptive Strategy include valuing diversity, harnessing creativity, and increased engagement.

Adaptive Strategy is based on sound scientific principles of complex adaptive systems theory, anthropology, and cognitive neuroscience. We don’t discard traditional strategic planning but add another dimension to enable your organization to adapt within a complex world.

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The measure of intelligence is the ability to change

Albert Einstein

The Flow System™

Innovation. Agility, Safety. Resilience. Culture

In today’s VUCA environment, innovation, agility, resilience, and safety are often treated as disparate organizational problems to be solved with disparate currencies, for example, Scrum, Resilience Engineering, Operational Excellence, Six Sigma, etc.

To move away from these high-energy and expensive islands of disconnected effort, organizational leaders need only to focus on (eco)system configuration and rhythm. In their words, design for flow.

You see, everything that moves is a flow system—and every flow system has two features: the current that is flowing (for example, information, value, mass) and the design through which it flows (your organization). Companies need to change and adapt to keep currents, aka ideas and solutions, flowing.

AGLX has literally written the book on flow systems and is the go-to resource for organizations wishing to adapt, pivot, and make decisions in real-time—in order to manage the chaos of change.

3 core principles of the Flow System™

Customer first

Highest Quality
Lowest Cost
Shortest Lead-Time

Flow of value

Once a customer exists, the focus then shifts to sustaining that customer. Maintaining a customer requires an organization that can configure itself to continue the flow of value to that customer.

Triple Helix of Flow™

The Triple Helix of Flow™ consists of 3 individual strands of organizational DNA: Complexity Thinking, Distributed Leadership, and Team Science. The DNA of Organizations™