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Adaptive Strategy

Turning uncertainty into a strategic advantage.

Decisions under Uncertainty

It's easy to make decisions when you have all the information. But if you're dealing with uncertainty or change it's hard to know how to act. AGLX can work with you to create a strategy that fits your context, allowing you to detect and embrace opportunities, manage risk, and make decisions with confidence.

Benefits of adaptive strategy:

  • Maximize the flow of value to your customers
  • Adapt to your environment faster than your competitors
  • Remain resilient in the face of change


The Adaptive Strategy Process

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Increasing organizational capacity to detect change in your strategic environment


Establishing a direction of travel for your business


Harnessing a diverse range of perspectives to generate options for how to act


Establishing a set of actions that move us in the right direction at the right tempo


Bringing your strategy to life


Traditional Strategy

When the future is knowable, we can create the best imagined future and then find a path toward it. We must be certain of the strategic environment and be able to predict changes within it. Implementing the plan is a matter of resource allocation and asset management. Managers are concerned with ensuring we are on the right path.

Adaptive Strategy

Our future has a lot of factors that are unpredictable. We establish a Shared Understanding of Success, and a set of principles that positively constrain our behaviors'. Strategy then becomes a series of exploratory steps designed to explore and learn; small experiments in parallel, fast feedback and rapid amplification of success.

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Visual Strategy

Adaptive Strategy is best presented visually. Just as a map allows an explorer to make sense of the landscape and plan a potential path forward, an illustration allows the viewer to understand strategy in a more comprehensive way. A written strategy is more like a set of directions. It can be used for journey planning but does not allow the traveller alternatives or options.

The AGLX visual strategy service is built on this idea. Supplementing a written strategy with a visual depiction challenges people to interact and seek out new meaning, while also offering greater accessibility to those who may not be inclined to read long documents. 


Strategy becomes a mode of operation, not the outcome of a process

"The AGLX approach offers more adaptive thinking compared with the traditional approach, which tends to try to solve all the problems up front and provide the whole solution, rather than adapting as the environment changes.

We found AGLX very results-oriented. They were there to help us on our journey and had a nimble approach to ensure what they delivered suited us as a client.”

- Mark Edghill, Craigmore

Is your strategy keeping pace with the changes in your environment?