We challenge leaders and companies to orient and act differently. In today’s global context, adaptability is not an advantage; it is an imperative.

Where others see complexity, we see strategic advantage.

AGLX is a global consulting and coaching group specializing in adaptive strategy, organizational and team performance coaching, leadership development, ICE innovation® and organizational team training. We work with leaders and teams who want to leverage the latest, cutting edge thinking to challenge their status quo.

Together we move beyond static frameworks and traditional transformation approaches. AGLX provides teams and leaders with modern, adaptable tools and methods which enable them to align, create flow, and solve their own problems within their own context. The result is teams and organizations who can navigate the most complex environments with confidence.

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Tools of the trade

AGLX has literally written the book on how flow can enable an unprecedented level of agility and resilience within your organization.

Adaptive Strategy

Develop a shared understanding of success. Embrace complexity and turn it into a strategic advantage.

Risk & Strategy

Create resilience through 
continuous vigilance, exploration, learning, and adaptation.

The Flow System

Eliminate non-value activities and foster an environment for innovation and the rapid delivery of value.

Leadership Training

Use high-performance teaming to leverage competitive advantage in today’s VUCA operating environment.

The AGLX difference

At AGLX, every aspect of our business breaks from the linear, reactive consulting model of days gone by. Here, we use a “teach a person to fish” approach to enable companies to ultimately solve their own business challenges.

In doing so, we turn theory into practice and develop leaders, while building multi-team systems (a team of teams).

We partner with our clients to create organizational resilience, challenge assumptions, and increase the flow of information to increase the flow of value to customers.

The end result? Our clients are left knowing HOW to think, not what to think.

Whether you are looking for fresh thinking and want to challenge the status quo, or want to ensure your organisation and  teams have the tools to remain adaptable, get in touch.

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Our change agents

Unconventional in experience, expertise, and vision—and unrivaled in success, the leaders at AGLX are changing the way businesses think, adapt, and grow.





Industries we serve

At AGLX, our expertise is as diverse as the industries we serve. From deeply rooted sectors to those now emerging, we have the experience, process, and know-how to help you manage change by creating it.

Listen to our Podcast

Welcome to the No Way Out podcast where we examine the variety of domains and disciplines behind John R. Boyd’s OODA sketch and why today, more than ever, it is an imperative to understand Boyd’s axiomatic sketch of how organisms, individuals, teams, corporations, and governments comprehend, shape, and adapt in our VUCA world.


We’re proud to partner with a diverse array of organizations united in their desire to throw antiquated methodologies to the wind. Companies that, no matter their size or sector, understand the power of adaptability.

“We haven’t needed to redesign our strategy since Covid-19, even in the face of unprecedented disruption. That is testament to the value of your adaptive strategy method.”

Simon Tohill

Strategy Manager, Cigna Insurance
01 / 03

“The senior leadership team found adaptive strategy extremely valuable and pragmatic, we are learning and using this increasingly at Watercare.”

Raveen Jaduram

Chief Executive, Watercare
02 / 03

“Finally! A team-of-teams approach delivered by an expert team—those who’ve actually lived it.”

Manny Gonzalez

CEO, RX Entertainment and Former CEO, Scrum Alliance
03 / 03