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No Way Out



Welcome to the No Way Out podcast where we examine the variety of domains and disciplines behind John R. Boyd’s OODA sketch and why today, more than ever, it is an imperative to understand Boyd’s axiomatic sketch of how organisms, individuals, teams, corporations, and governments comprehend, shape, and adapt in our VUCA world.


Features of Our World

  • Uncertainty
  • Entropy
  • Incomprehensibility
  • Mutations
  • Ambiguity
  • Novelty
  • Irregular or Erratic Behaviour
  • Numerical Imprecision
  • Quantum Uncertainty
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No Way Out

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“There is no way out unless we can eliminate the features just cited. Since we don’t know how to do this: we must continue the whirl of reorientation, mismatches, analysis/synthesis over and over again ad infinitum as a basis to comprehend, shape, and adapt to an unfolding evolving reality that remains uncertain, ever-changing, unpredictable.”

US Air Force Colonel John R. Boyd