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ICE Innovation®

If your company is facing rapid change and needs to take advantage of emerging opportunities, the ICE Innovation® framework can bring together the business intelligence, curiosity and ability to execute already present within your teams to enable the flow of innovation.

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ICE Innovation® connects your people and teams so that they can explore, learn and create novel solutions

Innovation is the amplification of successful exploration. If your teams are struggling to innovate they need a collaborative way of working that is resilient in the face of disruption. Learn how your teams can:

  • Act with confidence in conditions of rapid change
  • Quickly test new ideas, learn, and move ahead
  • Build resilience by harnessing diversity
  • Become better at making decisions in uncertainty
  • Create a culture of innovation and psychological safety while still mitigating risk


ICE Innovation®


Increasing sensitivity to opportunities and risks in our current environment. Using data and expertise to focus our exploration on the things that matter most.


Creating the space and time to think deeply and imaginatively about opportunities. Increase diversity of perspectives to expand what is possible.


Enable explore-and-learn activities with fast feedback. Amplify successes and move away from failure.

Read about how ICE Innovation® is applied.

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