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Leading in Complexity with Visa


We recently worked with Visa’s Spend Clarity for Enterprise product and tech leaders.

The way businesses spend money is changing rapidly.

Digitisation of business operations is accelerating this change.

The visibility of spend and its effect on cash flow is more now more important than it has ever been for organisations.

Visa’s Spend Clarity for Enterprise product and tech teams wanted to use the most modern and effective tools for business decision making and innovation.

They asked Steven McCrone and Meg Cummins to provide a workshop on Leading in Complexity to enable them to navigate the changing environment and produce the best results for their customers.

We took the team through our Adaptive Strategy and ICE Innovation® processes and showed them how the Cynefin framework and Wardley Mapping can help create shared mental models for decision making and leadership.

We discussed how to get a team to break free from decision-inertia and the trap of linear planning and continuous project re-prioritisation.  This helped them to focus on what was important to focus on and move forward.

AGLX’s ‘artist in residence’ Meg Cummins provided live sketching of the workshop which helped the team easily visualise and understand the concepts.  Not one single PowerPoint was used in the making of the two-day workshop!!

Thanks to Richard Drew Senior Director, Architect from Visa Spend Clarity for Enterprise for making this happen.

Do You Need Help to Lead through Complexity?

Could you do with some help for your organisation to lead through complexity?

Many leaders worry about making the right decision, especially when things are complex and uncertain.

AGLX is at the leading-edge globally in helping organisations succeed when the outcomes are not certain. We help leaders get better at dealing with complex issues.

Get in touch with us for a confidential discussion about how we can help you.