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Dave Snowden Joins as an Advisor to AGLX


We are pleased to announce that Dave Snowden, the creator of the Cynefin framework, has joined AGLX as an advisor.

Dave Snowden is a globally renowned leader in knowledge management and ‘anthro-complexity,’ the scientific approach to understanding how humans make sense of the world in order to act within it.

His work combines a deep understanding of theory and practice which provides organisations with practical approaches, methods and tools to help leaders manage the complexity of modern business.

Dave’s work has underpinned AGLX’s consulting practice and the principles of anthro-compexity are embedded in AGLX’s work. In particular, Cynefin is utilised by AGLX’s Adaptive Strategy, ICE Innovation® and advisory practices.

Steve McCrone, AGLX’s co-founder and Managing Director co-authored the chapter Cynefin and Strategy in Dave’s book, ‘Cynefin – Weaving Sense-Making into the Fabric of Our World.’

Dave’s work was also a big influence on the book ‘The Flow System – The Evolution of Agile and Lean in The Age of Complexity,’ co-authored by Brian Rivera, co-founder and CEO of AGLX.

Having Dave as an Advisor will help ensure the AGLX team continue to bring rigour to client work that is effective and scientifically based.

“Dave’s work underpins much of our thinking, we already utilise Cynefin in many of our client engagements. We look forward to working more closely with Dave to continue to bring authentic and high utility services to our clients.” says Steve McCrone, Managing Director, AGLX.

Dave has influenced AGLX’s core principles, including:

  • Authenticity:

Our methods are underpinned by scientific principles derived from complexity science, cognitive neuroscience and anthropology.  We draw on the work of leading thinkers, including Dave Snowden, to ensure that our work is authentic and appropriate in the context to which it is applied

  • Co-Creation of Value:

We perceive that traditional consulting is based on ’value transfer’ – you pay for expert advice and off-the-shelf solutions.  AGLX focuses on building value through ‘co-creation’ – we work with our clients to challenge the status quo, harness diversity, explore and learn. Our goal is to displace the reliance on the linear methods offered by the big global consultancies. We cannot do this unless we create tangible value.

  • Network:

The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. We are active members of a larger global network of consultants, thought leaders and practitioners. Many ‘network businesses’ share a brand and administrative processes but don’t leverage their knowledge, experience and people in a way that builds value for their clients and their company. Working with AGLX means that you as a client are part of this global network and at the forefront of the changing management paradigm.

To hear more about Dave’s work, listen to him talking with Brian Rivera in the No Way Out podcast: Complexity, Cynefin and the Evolution of the OODA Loop  

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