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How To Turn Complexity Into A Strategic Advantage (Podcast)


Steve is co-writing a book on complexity thinking with JP Castlin, due for release next year….watch this space.

He was interviewed by Shann Biglione and Rachel Mercer for the Overthinkers Podcast

Steve talks to about the dangers of not taking risks and how to turn #complexity into a strategic advantage.

Listen here How To Turn Complexity Into A Strategic Advantage?

  • How to avoid seeing complexity as a threat
  • Maximise the potential of where we are today, rather than having to rapidly change or pivot
  • When to use a fixed approach to strategy (you have the data to predict the outcomes) and when not
  • Increasing the capacity of your team to be adaptive

Do You Want to Change the Status Quo? 

If you are a leader who is frustrated with how things are working now and a curiosity do things better, then we would love to talk. 

AGLX is an adaptive strategy consultancy that allows organisations to be confident in complexity & turn uncertainty into a competitive advantage.  

We work with the leaders of organisations who are looking for fresh thinking and want to challenge the status quo. 

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