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Rewilding Leadership with Dave Snowden

The AGLX Asia Pacific team thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Dave Snowden and Anna Panagiotou from The Cynefin Company to Auckland last week. Whether it was sharing a meal with our team or the highly attended 'Rewilding Leadership' session with our clients, there was a wealth of insights gained from having Dave in town.

Rewilding Leadership can be thought of as taking inspiration from nature's wisdom and processes to guide and shape leadership practices. Just as "rewilding" in ecology refers to restoring habitats to their natural, wild state, "rewilding leadership" means going back to our inherent human qualities and values, blending them with lessons from nature to lead more effectively.


In his capacity as an advisor to AGLX, Dave's expertise in the study of complexity in human systems forms the foundation of our efforts in assisting clients with growing adaptive capacity in leadership, strategy and innovation. Thanks Dave and all of our awesome clients who made the session a great success.


Dave was also interviewed by Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand while he was here. Listen here (20min).

For more on Rewilding Leadership check out a presentation Dave did earlier this year https://lnkd.in/g3GicKyV (60min)