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Posts about LEADERSHIP:

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Santa’s ICE Innovation®

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from AGLX! This comic was written by Meg Cummins & Steve McCrone, and illustrated by Meg Cummins. You can download a high resolution version here. Looking to...
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Rewilding Leadership with Dave Snowden

The AGLX Asia Pacific team thoroughly enjoyed welcoming Dave Snowden and Anna Panagiotou from The Cynefin Company to Auckland last week. Whether it was sharing a meal with our team or the highly...
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AGLX Launches In Singapore

We are very excited to announce that AGLX Asia Pacific has now opened an office in Singapore. Zhen Goh joins our team as Managing Director and will lead our work from the Singapore Office. Zhen has...
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Santa’s Strategy 2.0

Purpose Recently, Santa has noticed changes in his strategic environment and wanted to ensure that his organisation was resilient in the face of these changes. We used Wardley mapping to describe...
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